Let's work together!

I work with my clients to really discover the story behind the business. Through this enlightening journey of discovery, we embrace the whole story - all the how’s, what’s, when’s. It's with the raw essence of the business foundation, we can work on creating that perfect narrative.

I create service based sites on Showit. Each site is custom designed and they are created in a way that is unique to your brand’s dreams and core values . Your website is the window into your business and first impressions are important. Your site will be beautiful, strategically designed and optimised.



  • Are you keen to have your new brand and web designed all under one roof? 
  • Does your brand and website struggle to stand out in a sea of others?
  • Are you launching a new business and need a whole new brand and website
  • Does your brand struggle to captivate its audience and website fail to convert?
  • Have you planned a new business and don't know where to start?

01 ~ Are you keen to have your new brand and web designed all under one roof?

02 ~ Does your brand struggle to captivate its audience and website fail to convert?

03~ Have you planned a new business and don't know where to start?

Are you ready to stand out in a sea of others?

01 ~ Primary logo
02 ~ Secondary logo
03 ~ Additional graphic elements
04 ~ Colour palette
05 ~ Typography palette
06 ~ Web browser Icon 
07 ~ Custom designed website






Once we've established that we're a great match, we will navigate through an in-depth discovery process. This is the platform from which we build a concrete strategy that will provide clarity, direction and vision for not only the initial launch, but for your future journey.

With a firm strategy in place, I will create your brand and website with your dream client goals and core brand message. The design of your brand and website is aligned along all touch points, to form an enchanting, cohesive, strategic brand experience.

You are now ready to step out into the world with your shiny new brand and website. This is where the adventure starts! Often my clients ask me to manage their social media strategy and content, so that their content is completely aligned with their new brand. 


The Process

Your site will showcase your brand identity and will be built strategically to attract, seduce and convert your dream clients.

Compelling and Strategic web design

"Her strong creative skills matched her ability to weave the magic formula to create one cohesive brand identity. I truly trust in Samantha not only as a creator but as a person who produces top level work and is amazing to work with. I feel so deeply grateful to benefit from such a gift that she is!"


"Samantha took my brand to a whole other level" 


Why brand design rather than a logo?

Do you have a waiting list?

How long does the design work take?

How many revisions do I get?

How does payment work?

Do you work remotely?

Because in order to capture the essence of your brand, we ideally need to create the entire brand identity. The design concept and brand elements need to be clear and precise in order to move forward with the development of the brand across all platforms

I generally book a few weeks in advance, but I have been known to bring something to the table in a couple of days! Just email me, you never know, I may have a spot and you can jump right in.

It depends on the service, but generally speaking  a few weeks (for a full package, brand identity and web design), BUT, I have been known to pull something out of the bag super quickly, so nothing is impossible!

To put it simply, I am not happy until you are, so I do not limit revisions in the design process. I am 100% confident that we will create your dream brand in perfect time.  I am confident we will get it right early on, If it takes longer, no problem.

50% upon engagement and the remainder upon completion of the project, before the final files are delivered. An invoice will be generated and you will have the option to pay via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

Yes I work with clients all from over the world and I can work from anywhere that my life takes me. That’s the beautiful thing about my business!







Dorset, UK

9am - 4pm